Capella Flavors

Capella Flavors Concentrates are dewy drops of dreaminess that can be used in the creation of DIY e-liquids. These e cig flavors are so versatile that they can even be used to enhance the tastes of your favorite foods and desserts or as tantalizing additions to designer coffees and teas. The beauty of Capella concentrates is that they can be easily adjusted to the precise strength levels that you choose. Use a little, or use a lot. Design a one-of-a-kind vape juice that is decadently delicious!

Bunkerbase & Co. offers a wide array of mouth-watering Capella flavor drops, each as unique and innovative as the next. With names like Harvest Berry and Italian Lemon Sicily, Capella flavors are unlike anything that you’ve ever tasted in the past. They are crisp, clean, and vibrant with the unique ability to taste great individually or when blended with other scrumptious e cig flavors.

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