Hybrid Base - VG 30 / PG 70 - 20 MG/ML

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This VG 30 / PG 70 Freebase Nicotine & Nicotine Salt Hybrid Base combine both types of nicotine - freebase nicotine AND nicotine salt mixed in the highest quality PG/VG.

This unusual mix was created in order to provide e-liquids users with an even longer and stronger nicotine effect.

Innovative e-liquid base which brings the whole new experience for vapers. Studies have proven that it is easier to quit smoking with nicotine salts comparing to pure nicotine (and any other method). Nicotine salts provide an instant nicotine impact on the organism, but without the strong throat hit characteristic for pure nicotine.

Nic & Salt-B Hybrid Base is perfect for heavy smokers who would like to switch to e-cigarettes, but they miss that throat hit similar to the one that analogue cigarettes provide. The mix of pure nicotine with nicotine salt is the solution they are waiting for.

There is also the second segment of vapers – innovators - who are looking for the new sensory experiences. Provide them with the one, they didn’t know yet - use our innovative e-liquid bases that the vape market has never seen before.

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